Motion Detect Playing


Using our application, you can playing with your body motion. When your body lean to your left, the character will lean to left. When your body lean to your right, the character will lean to right.

If you have interest on this, please follow the instructions to install our application.

1. Download and Install mobile application on your Android Mobile (Android only)

2. Download this ZIP file, unzip to a folder and Install our windows application on your PC.

3. Start the mobile application and PC application

4. Start "Calibration" on the mobile application. Following the instruction on the mobile application to calibrate.

5. Fill in the IP address displaying on the mobile application into the PC application. Click "Connect" on PC application

6. Done. Have fun.


Attention : Please make sure your mobile and PC are connecting to the same WIFI network.


Hints :

1. This is the suggested location of your mobile.


 2. If the result is not good, not stable on the motion detection. You may try to enable the debug mode on the mobile application.

The better practice is just seeing your head in a half. Example



Why using mobile as the webcam to detect the motion?
Everyone has mobile but webcam not; therefore, using mobile as webcam is better than using a webcam.